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Three-month online residency designed specifically for artists looking to consciously shape their practice to be more accessible, self-reflexive and inclusive. The residency supports artists to integrate access in their work, treating it as an integral part of their creative process rather than an afterthought.


In Transit’s three-month online residency invites artists to integrate access in their work, treating it as a fundamental part of their creative process rather than an afterthought. Our residencies are designed specifically for artists looking to consciously shape their practice to be more accessible, self-reflexive and inclusive.

Our residency is process-based and focuses on enabling artists to research, experiment with different access strategies and develop new/existing work. They are made public through our online open studios, encouraging interaction, dialogue and professional networking.

While we hold regular Open Calls for artists, we also accept interests throughout the year if you would like to self-fund to join the residency.

What you will receive as a resident artist

  • specially designed, self paced online lectures on making your work more accessible
    (See Removing Barriers for more information)
  • online forum discussions to exchange feedback and views
  • live, online peer to peer sessions with guest curators/artists/art professionals
  • continuous, tailored feedback through 1-1 sessions
  • dedicated online, open studio to share research, work in progress and reflections
  • online group exhibition displaying developed work

What we expect from you as a resident artist

  • To contribute to and attend peer-to-peer sessions and 1-to-1 meetings
  • Complete the short assignments accompanied with the online lectures
  • To add work in progress, reflections or research onto your online studio at least once a week
  • To participate in a final exhibition, contributing work you have made during the residency to the exhibition
  • To make your additions to your online studio accessible by following our guidelines, using access streams when possible (such as alt text, audio descriptions, heading styles, captions, accessible hashtags, etc)

Fees to participate

There are multiple ways to participate in In Transit’s three-month online residency.

Self Funded

Pay in full of £900 (save £220)
or 4 instalments of £280 per month (total £1120)

Our fee structure is based on careful consideration of providing affordable art education and paying faculty fairly – we have budgeted the residency so it is as cost-efficient as possible. In Transit is a non-profit organisation therefore our income goes towards providing grants for artists to participate in our programmes and making our platform more accessible.

If you seek external funding to support your participation in the programme, we will gladly provide you with a letter of recommendation.


We strive to make our programmes as affordable and accessible as possible. In our pilot year, we offered grants to seven artists. We are actively fundraising and forming partnerships to make grants available. We regularly have open calls which will be published on our website and social media. To stay informed, follow us on Instagram.


Collectors and patrons can sponsor artists to participate in our programme. We are actively reaching out to patrons to sponsor artists. Please email for more information.


“The residency has totally changed how I think about and want to move forward with my art practice. In Transit’s programme has opened up an important issue [about arts access] which I have not encountered directly and am less informed about. The residency has made me realise and put to practise the efforts that I can take to ensure my art is more accessible, both physically and digitally. Thanks to the programme, I am also now more connected with artists from different countries and of diverse backgrounds and skillset.” – Abdul Shakir (Grasshopper), artist and co-founder of Filamen


“In 2022 I was fortunate to be given a chance to apply for the In Transit residency. On being accepted onto the programme, I instantly felt welcomed and excited by the course information shared with me. I met my fellow resident artists and organisers online and in the weekly forums and events organised by In Transit. The sessions were always informative and gave me a good insight and understanding of accessibility in the arts and online. The digital space and support that In Transit gave me was informative, inclusive, safe and inspirational.”Latifah A. Stranack, artist
“My engagement with In Transit was a key turning point in my art practice. The programme made me aware of how much there is to do in this long journey that is making art more accessible, and how necessary this is in all aspects of making. The residency’s flexibility allowed me to balance other work commitments with finishing one video piece and inspired me to start developing a new project focused on the use of inaccessible language in the art world.” – Pablo Paillole, artist

“The In Transit residency program has been a supportive and generative digital space for incubating new art works. Being able to think through my practice alongside my fellow resident artists, our residency curators and invited guests was particularly helpful. I appreciated the openness of the residency, which allowed my collaborators to also partake and benefit from the discussions as we worked through our ideas. Our access consultant Andy is patient and knowledgeable about access in the digital world, and I learned about accessibility in code architecture. His concrete feedback allowed me to make improvements to my websites and plan for future digital projects with accessibility in mind.” – Alecia Neo, artist