breathe • rest • play


About the exhibition

breathe • rest • play is an end of residency exhibition showcasing works by artists Mira Hirtz, Abi Ola and Naomi Harwin. The artists’ residency journey unfolded through guided meditations, sensory workshops, and group exercises where they learned about their similarities and differences, be kind to themselves and grow together in courage. There was an ongoing discourse on slowing down, play and kindness. The artists’ collective experiences and practices showed that it is through breathing, resting, and play that we can find compassion for ourselves and one another.

In a world that places a constant demand on productivity, this exhibition is dedicated to individuals in need to breathe, rest and play – as the title conveys. Whether you are going through a challenging time, living with disabilities, chronic illness, or facing mental health challenges, this exhibition is for you.

The works on display and its accompanying workshops invite you to hold space for yourself and others, both present and absent in this online space. This means opening your heart and granting yourself permission to let go of all judgments, even if only temporarily. Alongside the exhibited works are prompts that encourage you to interact with the works and share your experiences/pieces to be displayed in the Open Gallery. Through this, the exhibition hopes to foster empathy and compassion, showing that strength and evolution can come from sharing a space. 

Let this exhibition be a space where you meet yourself and others with complete openness, honesty and love. A space for you to breathe • rest • play, a time to heal.

This exhibition is curated by Celina Loh. 


In Transit’s approach is to strike a balance between making accessible to all audiences and the aesthetic of the works while conveying key information. To achieve this, details are emphasised in varying ways accordingly across different access formats.

Where we have been able to embed the access, we have done so. This includes alt text, keyboard navigation and integrated audio description. This exhibition is best experienced on desktop and on landscape mode on tablets and mobile devices due to the aesthetic of the works. The interactive features for Naomi Harwin’s work can only be used on desktop; it does not function on tablets and mobile devices to minimise UX issues.

If you have questions regarding access during the exhibition, please contact and we will get back to you as quickly as we can; if you can provide us with specific queries this will be helpful.