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19 March - 20 April 2020

Chance4Charlie is a fundraiser for ongoing specialist medical treatment for Charlie Fitz, our current artist in residence who is a young woman with Classical Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome. We are currently fundraising for a neurosurgery Charlie needs to have with her specialist neurosurgeon in Barcelona, Dr Gilete.

In Transit has invited artists to produce one limited edition print of an original artwork, especially for the fundraiser. 30% of proceeds will go to Charlie, 70% to the respective artist.

Charlie has Occult Tethered Cord and needs a tethered cord release surgery. She need to raise £30,000 (raised £25,081.99 as of 19 March 2022 – just a little more!) for this surgery which is booked to take place on the 29th April 2022. Tethered cords means Charlie’s spinal cord is inappropriately tethered to the inside of her spinal column causing too much tension in her spine. This is causing nerve damage and putting pressure on her spinal fusion and other unstable areas of her spine.

In Transit will launch a Chance4Charlie exhibition on our Instagram (@intransit_space) on 24 March 2022, 9am (UK time) 4pm (Malaysia time).

Visit or email for more information. 

This fundraiser is realised with the support of Chroma Art Studio.

Charlie Fitz
Bee Cage , 2022
Charlie Fitz
Will I feel a bit better tomorrow? , 2022
Contour lines shaping a vulva or leaf in red and orange with white glows, against a purple wash
Hana Zamri
Motherland , 2018
Tuk Kura
Huruf Series - Tsa , 2021
Plenty of red lines centred in the middle against a pink background
Baillie Jones
Pink Ladies, 2020
Black and white abstract painting
Him Ming Chan
Untitled 3 , 2021
Lines made up of traditional textiles from different cultures against an orange purplish background with white glows
Hana Zamri
Crossing Boundaries , 2020
Colourful drawing of figures of of different colour of people doing different activities with a rustic greyish-brown background. With a text on the bottom
Isaac Heard
One World , 2021
Sepia color drawings of a scene in the kitchen with a dog laying down , table full of objects
Alice Sherlock
Best Behaviour at Bunny's House , 2022
Tuk Kura
Siri Misteri - Tho-Sin , 2021
Repeated black line figure drawings of a female body on pink background
Baillie Jones
Sync, 2020
Black outline drawings objects (vase, lemon, tomatoes etc) and some colored in yellow and orange
Alice Sherlock
Still Life #3 , 2022
Colourful drawing of figures, ship, big flowers showing chaos but beautiful
Isaac Heard
Sand , 2021
black lines of figures but not clear, without heads
Him Ming Chan
Untitled 2 , 2021