Charlie Fitz

A screenshot of Adobe Fresco A digital collage and drawing representing pain in a rib cage. The background is black, where is a drawing of a plain white rib cage, within the rib cage there is a photo collage that makes it look as if the ribs are filled with a beehive, bees filling the space and flying out of the spaces between ribs. On the far right of the image is a selection of different bee picture thumbnails. On the far left is the toolbar.

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About Charlie Fitz

Charlie Fitz (she/her/they) is a UK based sick and disabled artist, arts practitioner, writer, interdisciplinary creative and medical humanities postgraduate at Birkbeck, where she is a recipient of the Wellcome Trust studentship. She studied English and drama BA hons at Goldsmiths College, University of London, graduating in 2012. She began an MA in Comparative Literature at Goldsmiths in 2014, shortly afterwards becoming chronically ill and choosing to withdraw. Since becoming sick Fitz has turned to art practice as a meditative process, a form of disability activism and as a means to understand and reclaim her experiences of illness and trauma. Her multiform works explore lived experiences of illness, disability and trauma; whilst aiming to resist and challenge the expectation that the 'sick' be patient or passive to Western biomedicine.

Fitz is a co-founding member of Resting Up Collective and a co-director of the non-profit remote artist studio TRIAD³ . Since 2019 her work has been exhibited in 11 exhibitions in London, Manchester, Birmingham and online. In 2022 she exhibited in group shows with TRIAD³, at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, with In Transit as part of an artist residency, at No Format gallery, with Shape Arts and in the event ‘Shards: contemporary representations of disability’ at The British Museum; in which she also ran a workshop and spoke on a panel. Fitz has had press in Disability Arts Online, Dazed, It’s Nice That and Stylist, see press here.

She has also had artwork published in Cordella Magazine, Able Zine, Disability Arts Online, The Grapevine Zine, Life Continues After, dubble, Sisters of Frida, Resting Up and more see her writing publications here.